New York Yoyo Show™ School Show Promo Photo. Spring 2020

School Program

  Target Grades: 2-9

  Length of Show: 30-40 Mins

I'm so happy to be able to offer my school outreach program to schools and after-school programs of all sizes! My program consists of three parts:

1. An all-school assembly to watch my 30-minute show, where I demonstrate some of the amazing tricks that can be done with the yoyo! In my show, we'll explore the history of yoyo, learn some of the science of how it works, and dive into how yoyo-ing can be used to improve our mental health through active meditation! Next, I'll dazzle the crowd with some modern yoyo magic, two song-and-dance numbers, and my grand finale: THE WORLD'S LONGEST YOYO STRING!

2. I will teach yoyo-ing in the regularly scheduled PE classes over the course of a day (Or multiple days, depending on the size of the school.)

3. During the program, the school and I will host a yoyo sale (very similar to a school photo sale), where $1 from every yoyo sold will go DIRECTLY back to the school as a fundraiser!

Curriculum Connections


The yoyo is a fascinating toy. Its ancient origins are a fun mystery, but its more recent history depicts a classic Rags-To-Riches Immigrant Story! In my show, students will learn about Pedro Flores, a entrepreneur from the Phillipines whose innovations to the yoyo propelled it to prominance in the USA during the 1920s and 1930s.


Playing with yoyos allows students to make scientific discoveries in the palm of their hands! In my show, we'll explore how Gravity, Friction, Mass and Force allow us to do some amazing yoyo tricks!


Playing with yoyos is an amazing form of Active Meditation! This can help us quiet the mind and create a sense of calm and focus!